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Bump Keys in the Media
KRON Channel 4 News - San Francisco

On August 18th, 2006, Dennis McEntire was on the local news channel KRON 4 out of San Francisco. Use these links to view the news segment (approx. 2 mins.):

Windows Media File (wmv) for Windows
Intel AVI Video File
Macintosh Quicktime MPEG4 File

KGO/ABC Channel 7 News - San Francisco

On November 9th Dennis McEntire was featured in a local ABC Channel 7 News segment with Michael Finney of "7 On Your Side" showing the bump key problem and what it means to America. The segment included Michael himself bumping open a padlock, and Dennis bumping open the front door to the ABC Studios in San Francisco and other residential doors. Michael also purchased some bump keys himself to confirm how easy and inexpensive they were, and Dennis confirmed they are real by using them to open a couple locks. The links to the web pages are here (page one) and here (page two).

The video can be viewed on this page.

Medeco Bump Key Press Release

Medeco lock company (Salem, VA) has released a bulletin regarding bump keys and how the Medeco high security locks can prevent the bump key from working on their locks. They have also compiled a short video of bump key stories in the media. Their press release can be found here. Videos hosts a variety of bump key demonstrations, click on the logo or on this link to see a few of the more informative videos.

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