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Common Questions
Q. Are you still selling products?
A. Bay Area Locks officially closed for business mid-2015. If you are in need of additional keys please contact me and I can help you get more keys for your locks. If you are a current Bay Area Locks customer and need additional help or more products, again, please contact me for more information.

Q. What is "Master Keying" and can locks from Bay Area Locks be master keyed?
A. Master keying means that there is a set of multiple locks that each have their own set of keys that only work on that lock, and the locks are also "master keyed" so that a master key can open all of the locks. There is also the ability to elevate the system to where there are "sub masters" that open some of the locks and a "grand master" key that opens all of them. Contact Bay Area Locks for information on how to obtain a master keyed system. All of the locks from Bay Area Locks can be master keyed.

Q. How many keys will I get with my lock purchase?
A. Each lock that we sell includes two high security keys. If you purchase three deadbolts they will each include 2 keys, but each set will be DIFFERENT from each other. If you want them keyed alike, see the next question.

Q. Can locks be keyed the same?
A. All the locks we sell can be keyed together for your convenience. There is no charge for this service, but you must be sure to order the locks correctly. For the first lock you choose, select the total number of keys you would like with the system. On each additional lock, select the "Keyed Alike - no keys" option. You will receive keys with the first lock and no keys with additional locks (the keys with the first lock will operate all subsequent "Keyed Alike" locks you purchase.

Q. If each lock has 2 keys, why can I not get 6 keys with 3 locks?
A. When I buy the locks from Medeco or Abloy they each come with 2 keys. Those keys are unique and different, so if you buy 3 cylinders from me for different homes or businesses, and you don't mind them being different keys, then you will get 6 keys total (2 with each lock).

Now if you want 3 locks keyed the same, then I have to remove two sets of keys (since they're different) and replace the pins in the 2nd and 3rd locks to match the first lock's keys. So there are only two keys for all the locks. I can then CUT additional keys for you, and that's what the extra charge is for.

Q. What is the code card included with the high security locks?
A. Click on the "Key Control" button on the lower right corner to learn about the card program included with each high security lock.

Q. Do you ship outside of the United States?
A. Due to contract regulations we are not allowed to sell most of the locks we offer outside of the United States. Unfortunately we will not be able to respond to international inquiries at this time; sorry for the inconvenience. You may be able to find a local dealer in your country by visiting the appropriate manufacturer website for your country. For example, in Canada Abloy's website is

Q. "Are the Hybrid deadbolts as secure as the original manufacturer deadbolts and knobsets? I'm trying to keep costs down."
A. First of all, if you have a high security deadbolt on the door, adding a locking knobset does not significantly add a lot more security to the door, so for the price and convenience, just get a high security deadbolt and a "passage" knobset from your local hardware store, similar to the knob used on a hall/closet door that has no lock on it. This way you cannot lock yourself out (deadbolts require the key to lock) and you have the convenience of just one locking point. Just be sure to always use the deadbolt when leaving.

Also, the hybrid deadbolts are well made products (I did a lot of research on which products would be the most secure and offer the best price), so I am sure you would be happy with the quality and durability of the product. However, they are still not as durable and secure as the 100% Abloy or Medeco products, and the cost difference justifies the differences. But if the goal is to secure some doors from the bump key, then the hybrid deadbolts are a great option for you and your wallet.

The hybrid deadbolts I use are a grade 2 product, but are designed for heavy usage in residential environments. They can also fit very easily into existing holes you already have on the door, so upgrading is a piece of cake. The main difference in the hybrid products vs. the 100% original products is in the drill protection. The Medeco and Abloy deadbolts use either hardened inserts or in Abloy's case, the deadbolt cylinder is completely hardened steel. This makes it very difficult if not impossible to drill out parts of the deadbolt in an attempt to defeat it. The hybrid deadbolts do not have drill protection plates and are not as resistant to drilling. I imagine most potential thieves would instead turn to breaking a window over drilling out a deadbolt.

Q. Can double deadbolts be unscrewed easily from inside of house?
A. 1. Medeco double deadbolts: You assemble the deadbolt and bolt the cylinders together using two large hex screws. Then there is a metal faceplate that fits over the screws. The faceplate is held in place by a small metal snap ring that keeps it in place. To remove the faceplate, the tiny snap ring must be removed carefully with a small knife and some patience. After the plate is removed the two hex bolts are exposed.

2. Abloy double deadbolts: You assemble the deadbolt with two bolts that hold the cylinders together. Once the installation is done, there is a metal snap face that covers the screws. It's difficult to remove but it is possible. Most likely the faceplate will be damaged upon removing it. Bay Area Locks does sell replacement faceplates if you are planning on moving the lock(s) to another location and need to remove the faceplates. There are photos of the snap on faceplate on the website.

In both cases, however, the manufacturers include two ball bearings that can be tapped into the hex bolts with a small hammer. Once the ball bearings are in place the screws will be extremely difficult to remove. I don't recommend anyone do this because if you ever have to rekey the lock or otherwise service the lock it will take extreme measures to remove the screws. It's really designed for a "permanent" installation. The ball bearings are not included in the package but just ask if you need them and I will include them.

Q. Can I install the locks myself, or should I hire someone?
A. All of the deadbolt and knob/lever locks install into existing holes already in your door. If the door is not prepared for locks, all the locks require a 2-1/8" hole in the door at either 2-3/8" back or 2-3/4" back from the edge of the door. Under the "Backset/Sizing" button on the lower right there is a PDF template you can download that will assist you on the hole placement for a new door. The edge hole for the bolt or latch is a 1" hole. Instructions are included with the locks, as well as templates for the door. The locks are not too difficult to install for someone handy with a screwdriver, if the holes already in the door are of sufficient size. In some cases, chiseling a little wood might be needed to accommodate the larger, more reinforced parts of the high security deadbolts. We can help you over the phone if you need assistance.

Q. How do I know the locks sold here are safe from the bump key?
A. You can learn a lot from the manufacturer's websites. Links are provided by clicking on the manufacturers on the left side of the website. We have personally tested all the lock brands that we sell against bumping (except Abloy, which does not use pins that could bump) and have corresponded with Technical Representatives of all the manufacturers about the bump key problem and how their products combat or prevent the keys from working.

Q. What happens if I lose my keys?
A. Contact Bay Area Locks immediately if you need more keys. If it is an emergency situation, the lock may have to be bypassed by a professional locksmith. Note that not all locksmiths will bypass a high security lock. Generally bypassing a high security lock is expensive and time-consuming, so in most cases a locksmith will find another way in if you are in a situation where you are locked out. Also, if you lost your keys and the locks need to be rekeyed, contact us to determine what would be the best plan of action to secure your home or business. Bay Area Locks offers re-keying services for locks you have purchased from us, as well as locks you own from other sources.

Q. Where are the locks manufactured?
A. Medeco products are designed and manufactured in the state of Virginia, while the Abloy products are designed and manufactured in Finland and shipped to me through their distribution warehouse in Montreal, Canada.

Q. What measurements do I need to take to ensure the locks I purchase will fit my door?
A. Ensure you read the section under the blue button called "Backset/Sizing" located in the lower right corner of the website. You can also download a template there for helping you determine the backset of the locks already installed on your door.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us for more information. Also, a very handy way of determining what kind of locks will fit your existing door is to take a few digital photographs of the lock, both front and back, and edge, and email them to us. We should be able to figure out what you need from the photos.

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