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About Bay Area Locks
My name is Dennis McEntire and I established Bay Area Locks in November of 2005 when I came across an article on the internet called "How to open any lock in 30 seconds or less with no special tools." I was intrigued and read the article about something called the "bump key." I had never heard of a bump key but learned about what it was and how it worked in a few short minutes. At first I thought it was a joke or prank because it seemed so simple. I went out and purchased a deadbolt from the local hardware store, took it home, and proceeded to make myself a bump key. After a few minutes, I had figured out how it worked and it really shocked me. It turns out that what I made was a "Kwikset®" bump key, so I used the same key on my front door, my steel security door, my garage door, and my sliding glass door. Again, shockingly it opened them all. From that point on my idea of security changed forever.

A Business is Born
Immediately after discovering this problem I decided that I needed to do something about it for my own safety. That week I spent a lot of time on the internet, and visiting local locksmith shops to find out what was "bump key proof." One interesting note here is that every locksmith I visited replied to the question, "What do you have in high security locks for my house?" with "Why do you want high security for your house?" I proceeded to explain the problem I stumbled upon, and they offered their high security options. In all cases the cost was pretty high and it seems to be a "niche" item for the average homeowner. I decided at that point that it was important for me to offer high security products at reasonable prices to help people secure themselves against the bump key.

Bay Area Locks
My business is founded on two basic ideas: 1. To inform and educate the public about this problem, and 2. To offer a variety of high security products not vulnerable to the bump key. I have had people ask "Why are you showing this to people, aren't you training people to be criminals?" My response is always the same. The bad guys already know about this. The information is all over the internet. The news media is doing television and print stories on the bump key. There are even international websites selling the keys to the United States. I feel it is my responsibility to inform those that do not know in an effort to let them make their own choices of whether or not to do something about it. By not saying anything, the public ends up having a false sense of security and when that gets violated they blame the locksmiths for not sharing how vulnerable their locks really are.

High Security Locks
The bump key only works on standard pin-tumbler locks, but, unfortunately those are the locks the big name hardware stores carry. In fact, you can only buy high security locks from locksmiths, and that makes them somewhat less accessible to the general public, since most of us don't think about visiting a locksmith just for a door deadbolt. Our high security locks start as low as $130 for a complete hybrid model deadbolt, two high security keys, and the code card required to get more keys or locks in the future. We carry a range of products to fit just about any need you might have.

I have spent hundreds of hours researching high security lock products and what they offer. I have carefully selected the products I carry based on price, security, durability, UL certifications, and flexibility of integration into other locking systems. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have on the products. Please feel free to send an email or call with your questions.

  Thank you for your time,

Dennis McEntire, Locksmith Owner

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