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Older Abloy Systems
Abloy has created five generations of key systems, with significant security and reliability improvements every time. The following photos show the oldest system first, the Classic, with newer key systems after that. The current generation is called Protec and is what you will find on this website. The Abloy Protec key is not shown below, but can be found by clicking on the Keys category on the left.

Approximate dates when the products were manufactured:

Abloy Classic: 1907 - 1977
Abloy Profile: 1977 - 1985
Abloy DiskLock Pro:    1985 - 1999
Abloy Exec: 1985 - 2001
Abloy Protec: 2001 - Present

Identifying Older
Abloy Key Systems

Abloy Classic Abloy Profile
Abloy Exec Abloy DiskLock Pro

For additional information on the Abloy systems and their history, I recommend reading the following PDF files, written by Han Fey, a lock collector in the Netherlands. The documents are very detailed and cover all the systems mentioned above, as well as the Abloy Protec system we sell on this website.

Abloy Part One - Classic
Abloy Part Two - DiskLock/Exec
Abloy Part Three - Protec
Abloy Part Four - Special Products

Feel free to contact us for any questions about the Abloy systems.

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